Your source for the highest quality trehalose dihydrate and trehalose 1M solution!

Density 1.132 ±0.006 gm / mL
Refractive Index 1.383 ±0.001
Conductivity < 5 µS/cm
Purity 1 peak by HPLC
Concentration 1 Molar, +0.03
Endotoxin <0.25 EU
AS, PB & Trace Metals Each < 1ppm
Sterile 0 CFU
As < 1 ppm
Ba < 1 ppm
Ca < 1 ppm
Cd < 1 ppm
Co < 1 ppm
Cu < 1 ppm
Fe < 1 ppm
Mn < 1 ppm
Ni < 1 ppm
Pb < 1 ppm
Zn < 1 ppm
Storage 2 – 8°C (ships ambient)

Life Sciences Advanced Technologies is able to make custom preparations. This could include variations in concentration, addition of salts or other materials, and changes in packaging. Please contact us with any questions.

Further information about trehalose and its effects in biological systems can be found in a review article by A D. Elbein et al. “New insights on trehalose: a multifunctional molecule” (2003) Glycobiology, 2003, Vol. 13,

Non-reducing Trehalose Solution does not react with amino acids or proteins. Safe to use.
Stabilizing In vitro, proteins and cell walls at various temperatures and during freezing – Reduces loss from storage and processing.
Protection during drying Trehalose Solution can stabilize proteins and cells during and after drying. Reduces loss in lyophilization.
Protection from Cold Trehalose Solution can protect against denaturation / aggregation of some proteins at cold temperatures. Reduces loss from storage and processing.
Protection against heat Trehalose Solution protects enzymes from heat inactivation in-vitro and reduces formation of protein aggregates. Allows storage and shipping at warmer conditions. May eliminate the need to ship on dry ice and associated freight costs.