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Life Sciences Advanced Technologies tests all of our Trehalose lots to exacting standards. You will see from our Certificates of Analysis that our Trehalose products are virtually RNase, DNase and endotoxin free. They are the highest purity Trehalose products  on the market.

We invite you to review our Certificates of Analysis below and see the test results for our current lots. To view the Certificates of Analysis for our current lot, please click below:

Trehalose Powder (TDH series products): Lot 2111T0801

Trehalose Solutions (TS1M series products): Lot TS0416412

Trehalose Products

Trehalose is a proven stabilizer that is effective for many proteins, enzymes and cell membranes. Life Sciences Advanced Technologies offers 2 grades of trehalose dihydrate powder, Trehalose Dihydrate Molecular Biology Grade , as well as a 1M sterile solution.

Advantages of Trehalose

Property Benefit
Non-reducing Does not react with amino acids or proteins.
Stabilizing Stabilizes many proteins and cell types at various temperatures and during freezing.  Reduces activity loss from storage and processing.
Protection during drying Can stabilize proteins and cells during and after drying.  Reduces loss of biological activity in lyophilization.
Protection from cold Can protect against denaturation/aggregation of some proteins at cold temperatures.  Reduces loss from storage and processing
Protection against heat Protects enzymes from heat inactivation in vitro and reduces formation of protein aggregates.  Allows storage and shipping at warmer conditions.  May eliminate the need to ship on dry ice and associated freight costs.
Thermoactivation of enzymes Stimulates activity of certain enzymes at higher temperatures.

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